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Why I volunteer at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House

I volunteer at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House because of the generosity and compassion that transcends throughout the building with patient care, professional friendly staff and the great family feeling of love to all that enters the building (young or old). I have seen babies in cribs there.

My most memorable story was the first year I volunteered on Thanksgiving Day at Christopher House and witnessed for myself the love and joy that was given through food and fellowship to the patients and their families. Those patients who could not walk on their own were rolled out of their rooms in wheelchairs and greeted with the spirit of love and delicious food that was donated by volunteers and staff, so because of my first experience with this occasion it has encouraged me to try to be in town on this day to share with my friends (patients) the joy of giving thanks. I’ve done it for three years. It’s a great experience.

One of my favorite patients is one who has been at Christopher House for quite some time. She makes me feel like she is waiting for me to walk in the back door, down the hallway every Monday evening at 5:00 pm and peek in her room. I admire her for enduring a courageous, steadfast battle with strength, grace and dignity with her illness. She always has a kind word for me.

For me, Hospice Austin’s Christopher House means a place of restoration and hope for the future. It also carries a deeper meaning for me because before my husband passed away in 2005, the plans were for him to go to Christopher House. The last two weeks before his death, he was in St. David’s Hospital. He came home that Friday and contact was made that Saturday with Christopher House for him to be placed there on Monday, but he passed away at home on Sunday from End Stage Renal Failure. Every time I enter a patient’s room I can just imagine the darkness and unknown that the family members must be feeling and it makes me become a better servant to them because I would have wanted someone to have shown that same compassion and understanding toward my husband.




Nola Dilworth
Hospice Austin’s Christopher House Volunteer

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