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Hospice Austin Standard Bearer Kristin Santiago


Introducing our second nominee for Standard Bearer of the Year, Kristin Santiago!

Kristin Santiago is a Hospice Austin social worker.  She is very dedicated to her job, position, to her team.  She is thorough and timely with her visits, information, and care.  She is professional and always listens with empathy, always asks if there is more she can do, thanks her patients and families for allowing her the privilege of working with them.  She is calm and sincere.  She has a beautiful heart and shares that with everyone she meets.  Kristin is always willing to lend a hand, making hospital visits when that is needed, and goes out of her way to be a team player.  Kristin recently helped with a patient who was 36 years old, the mother of two daughters.  The 16-year-old was the primary caregiver. Kristin visited often and befriended the young caregiver so that she could ease her load and comfort her in her pain.   Kristin also talked with the husband in Spanish, won his trust, and was a true help to him and his family.  She is of priceless value  to Hospice Austin.

Thank you Kristin for embodying Respect, Innovation, Gratitude, Honesty, and Teamwork!

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