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The Depths of Eternity

One of my most memorable experiences was when I provided 11th-hour relief for a young man in his 20’s with brain cancer. Each time he would cough, his head would become very red in color and he would be in obvious distress.

I used a craniosacral therapy technique at the thoracic inlet by placing my hands on the front and back of his upper chest/neck area. This provided relief enough so he would be free of the impulse to cough. I held my hands in that position for about 40 minutes until he relaxed enough to fall asleep. For those 40 minutes we locked eyes and in the silence there was a profound communication that expressed more than words can say.

I felt like I was looking into the depths of eternity. I will never forget the experience.

I am grateful for the memories I have of all my experiences with Hospice Austin. Thank you for the opportunities.


Pete Deckinga
Hospice Austin Massage Therapy Volunteer

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