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Hospice Austin Standard Bearer Brian King

Our fifth nomination for Standard Bearer of the Year:  Brian King!

Brian is known to all as being ready to serve, not just our patients, but also his co workers and other staff, as well as our partners in clinical service delivery.  It is impossible to find a standard of behavior that Brian does not exemplify.  His approach with everyone is to honor them by his words and actions.  You can’t help but feel valued by the implicit appreciation he conveys.

When it comes to innovation and learning, Brian has single-handedly crafted and facilitated the weekly vignette that has started appearing in the nursing staff e-mails.  He has created tailor-made presentations on difficult topics and is obviously a lifelong learner.  Gratitude is second nature with Brian.  You leave every conversation with him feeling good.  He is not only efficient with his own time, but with that of others. He keeps his commitments, maintains confidentiality, acts with transparency and is an asset to the reputation of Hospice Austin.  But perhaps the best facet of Brian King is his well-honed skill at interdisciplinary collaboration.  He is more than generous with his time and expertise.  There are never loose ends when Brian is involved.

Just the other day around noon, Brian ran into one of our doctors in the parking lot.  Brian asked if the doctor had a moment to answer a question about one of his patients who had a Pleurx drain.  Brian wanted to know if the doc had ever flushed one to clear an obstruction.  It was obvious that Brian had done his homework and the doctor had little to offer him.  Nevertheless, Brian thanked him for his time and expertise and went on his way to visit his patients.  Two hours later, this doctor was finishing seeing the clinic patients and was asked to stay late to see a patient who was just being discharged from the hospital.  The patient was Spanish speaking and Brian was coming in for the visit as well because he is fluent in Spanish.  The doctor called Brian and left a voice mail to see if he wanted him to order a sandwich for him.  Within five minutes Brian called back, expressing regrets for not taking the call because he was on the line with other team members coordinating care of the patient he had just seen down in Kyle.  He had already eaten, but thanked the doctor for his thoughtfulness and said he would be at Spicewood just as soon as traffic allowed.

“Here is a guy,” this doctor writes, “that in the space of two hours demonstrated Respect, Innovation (and teaching), Gratitude, Honesty, and Teamwork.  This is just two hours in the professional life of Brian King!”

Thank you, Brian, for being who you are and showing us all what R.I.G.H.T. looks like every day! 

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