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Palliative Care

Every Hospice Austin patient is cared for by the physicians and nurse practitioners of Austin Palliative Care.

Austin Palliative Care also provides a community-based palliative care program for patients with a serious illness who are undergoing curative treatments. The purpose of palliative medicine is to lessen the physical symptoms of the disease and/or treatment of the disease. Palliative care is for any patient with a chronic, potentially life-limiting illness.

You may want to consider a palliative care consult for patients with a serious illness and:

  • multiple hospital or emergency room visits
  • declining functional or cognitive ability that interferes with three or more activities of daily living
  • you would not be surprised if your patient dies within the next 12 months

Clinical care benefits include:

  • advance care planning
  • disease education
  • social determinants of health assessment
  • symptom assessment
  • caregiver burden assessment
  • medication reconciliation
  • care coordination

Patients are seen by physicians and nurse practitioners in the comfort of wherever a patient considers home. To learn more about our community-based palliative care program for patients not ready for hospice care, please visit AustinPalliativeCare.org.