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Rebuilding lives, thanks to you

Brandi and her family in their new home

Patients and their loved ones often comment that Hospice Austin becomes part of their family. We feel the same way about the families we care for. That’s why it was an honor for us to nominate Bill Snyder and his family for the Austin American-Statesman’s Season for Caring campaign, which ran over the holiday season. Bill and his wife, Pat, lost their home in the Bastrop fire; their granddaughter Brandi and her children, who lived next door, lost their home as well. Three weeks after the fire Pat, our patient, died.

The Statesman profiled their story and donations came pouring in. Many of you, our extended Hospice Austin family, donated furniture, appliances, money, and time. One of you even donated a season pass to Sea World. Enough money was raised to buy a headstone for Pat and to help Bill rebuild his house. Recently, a large mobile home was donated for Brandi and her children (you can read more about that here). The community as a whole came together to help this family and because of all of your efforts, their lives have changed.

They now have the room and space to heal. Brandi is going to school to become a certified nurses’ assistant, one step closer to the promise she made her grandmother to become a nurse. Her children are attending Camp Brave Heart this summer. Bill is grateful to have his family back on the land and looking forward to rebuilding the garden that Pat loved.

This community, this family, has put its collective arms around the Snyder family and created a new beginning from a devastating loss. Thank you.

Marjorie Mulanax
Hospice Austin Executive Director

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