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Our Greatest Power

We have no power! my son, Patrick, yelled to me from the back door. It was a little after seven and my two teenage boys and I had just arrived at our home tucked back into the woods of our small farm in Bastrop County. The wind was whipping wildly and the moon was impossibly full, casting a silvery light as we unloaded backpacks and groceries from the car. Always looking for an excuse to light matches, my older son, Cassady, had two candles glowing by the time I got into the house.

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Hearts and Ashes

It’s six o’clock on Monday morning Feb. 11th and I’m just shuffling off to the shower when I hear my phone receive a text message. It is from a teacher at my son’s former elementary school. Apparently, one of her fourth graders hadn’t come to school on Friday so she sent a text to the […]

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