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Feeding body and spirit

We recently sent out a plea to staff, volunteers, and our friends on Facebook to replenish our food pantry. The Facebook post was shared by 115 of you, and seen by more 8,500 people. The results have been astounding. This is the email we received from Nancy McCranie, Hospice Austin’s Director of Volunteer and Bereavement Services:

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A Letter to Doctors

Thank you for the excellent care you have given me. I also appreciate your honesty in letting me know when I had reached a point in my disease where you could no longer make things better. You could have waited until I had only a few weeks – or even days – left before giving me this news, but you didn’t.

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Committed Volunteers Create “A Venetian Affair”

What’s better than hosting a great party? Hosting a great party for a great cause. A small, committed group of women helped produce Hospice Austin’s Vino y Virtuosos party for many years. Now the group has banded back together and is hosting a new event: A Venetian Affair. The Venetian-style party will be held on Thursday, June 4th at the Caswell House on West Avenue from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Guests will enjoy musicians, magicians, and minstrels strolling through the various rooms of the beautiful old house and experience the revelry of this tradition that stems from the 18th century in Venice. Food, wine, and a silent auction will add to the fun. All proceeds will benefit Hospice Austin.

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