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Healthcare Partners

Hospice Austin works closely with many hospitals, physician offices, assisted living, skilled, and long-term care facilities. We value these partnerships and the compassionate care our partners provide to our patients. To show our appreciation, we are highlighting a different healthcare partner each month.


WellMed is a team of medical professionals dedicated to helping older adults live healthier lives through the delivery of proactive, preventive care and building strong relationships. WellMed’s goal is to keep patients as healthy as possible, positively affect their quality of life, and prevent complications and lengthy hospital stays. WellMed also provides extra support for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

WellMed Palliative Care Director Dr. Leigh Fredholm has many years of experience ascertaining her patient’s wishes, advocating for their quality of life, and providing the best possible care. Thank you, Dr. Fredholm, for the difference you make to our Central Texas community! You have touched so many lives, and we value working together with you to care for your patients.

Hospice Austin is honored to feature WellMed as our inaugural Healthcare Partner!