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Having the Conversation

Communication is the single most important step in health care planning. Making your wishes known is one of the most generous gifts you can give to a loved one. When you’re ready to have the conversation, think about the basics.

Who do you want to talk to? Who do you trust to speak for you? When would be a good time to talk — the next big holiday, a family meal, an evening phone call? Where would you feel comfortable talking – at the kitchen table, a restaurant, on a drive or walk?
What do you want to be sure to say?

Conversation Starters:
I love you and I want to talk about something important to me.”
I need your help with something.”
I was remembering the way [Aunt June] died, and it got me thinking…”
Even though I’m okay right now, I want to be prepared.”
I need to think about the future. Will you help me?
I just answered some questions about how I want the end of my life to be. I want you to see my answers, and I’m wondering what your answers would be.”