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Adopt A Hospice Austin Pet!

Pet Peace of Mind works with our Hospice Austin patients and the community to find loving homes for our patients’ pets. To inquire about adopting a Hospice Austin Pet, please call 512-342-4735 or email.

March 13, 2017 – Siblings Marty & Coco Need a Home Together

One of our patients has congestive heart failure and can no longer provide the play and exercise Marty and Coco need. They are five year old Labs and need to stay together in a new loving home and, according to their owner, deserve a much happier life.

Marty is very protective of his sister and he pines for her if she is away. He is described as very sensitive, loving, and very Zen. Often he will choose affection over a treat. Marty can be a bit shy when he meets new people but is a real sweetie at heart. Since he was a puppy he would grab his food bowl and move it to a more private area and he still does this on occasion.

Coco is always ready to play and eat. She can be a bit territorial, can be skittish at first, but can be won over with a treat. As a puppy, when she first saw grass on a sunny day, she would sit like a little sphinx in the sunshine and she still does. Both dogs are in excellent health and have all their vaccinations up-to-date. Both dogs are friendly and have not shown aggression toward people, but they don’t have experience around children, so it’s hard to know how they would do in a home with kids.  They are great with young adults and enjoy people. The dogs would probably do okay with other pets but not cats.  The dogs are currently living in an air conditioned/ heated space in the backyard of the owner’s home due to his illness and inability to have them both in his small home and give them the exercise they need daily.

For additional information please contact Pet Peace of Mind and we will connect you with Marty and Coco’s owner.