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Palliative Care Specialists

Because you want to see a specialist for any specific care, Hospice Austin established a practice of physicians who specialize in caring for patients with a serious illness (what is known in the medical field as palliative care).

Austin Palliative Care, the first practice of its kind in our area, is comprised of board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners who are experts in pain and symptom control.

It’s important to know that these specialists care for Hospice Austin patients and for patients who still are seeking curative treatment. In other words, you do not have to be on hospice care to be receiving pain and symptom relief from our palliative care experts.

Here are some answers to common questions about Austin Palliative Care.

Why should I use Austin Palliative Care?

Patients generally report better pain control and increased quality of life after receiving Austin Palliative Care’s expert services.

What exactly does Austin Palliative Care offer?

• Consultation by a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner to control your pain and other symptoms
• Helping you determine your goals of care
• Coordinating conversations between you and the various specialists on your medical team and translating it into language you can easily understand
• Managing complications of your disease and/or treatment
• Helping to educate you on the typical progression of your disease so you know what to expect
• Care of patients with advanced illness
• Helping you access other support services to ensure all of your needs are being met and to increase your quality of life

How do I get started?

Your managing or referring physician may contact us directly at (512) 397-3360. If you are in the hospital, a referral can come from your attending physician, hospital case manager or social worker.

Where is Austin Palliative Care located?

Austin Palliative Care is located at 4107 Spicewood Springs Road, but our providers visit patients in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Does insurance cover this?

Medicare and Medicaid routinely cover palliative care consultation services. Third-party insurers cover consultations at varying levels; please consult your insurer for benefits and coverage. Austin Palliative Care is a nonprofit organization. No one will be turned away because of inability to pay.

Questions? Email us, call (512) 397-3360 or (800) 445-3261 or visit AustinPalliativeCare.org.