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Living With a Serious Illness?

We can help.

Based on your needs and wishes, there are two ways we may serve you:

• Comprehensive, specialized hospice care when focus shifts from curative treatments to quality of life. Hospice care is provided for patients with a life expectancy of up to six months, if the illness runs its expected course. Since everyone is different, diseases can be hard to predict; patients may stay on hospice care longer than six months or be discharged if their condition improves.

Austin Palliative Care, a group of physicians and nurse practitioners who work closely with a patient’s attending physician to provide specialized pain and symptom management (known as palliative care) for patients still undergoing curative treatments. Patients who receive palliative care services generally report better pain control, increased satisfaction with medical care and increased quality of life.

Often, your doctor is the person who refers you to Hospice Austin. However, anyone – you, a family member or a friend can make a referral. We’ll provide comfort and support for you and for your family.

We provide our services:

• In your home
• In a nursing home or assisted living facility
• At Hospice Austin’s Christopher House
• In the hospital

Questions? Email us here or call (512) 342-4700 or (800) 445-3261