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What Others Say About Us

“Words cannot express how very grateful we were to have had the services of Hospice Austin take care of our dear mother over the past few months. When we started on this journey, we were more than somewhat overwhelmed with not really knowing what we were about to embark on. All of you made this so much easier with your true compassion for the patient and family members. It was because of you that we were able to take care of Mother here, in the comfort of our home and the reason, I believe, that she was able to live beyond those first few weeks. You treated our mother with such respect and care, and for that we are so deeply appreciative. Thank you for all that you did to make the end of life journey as comfortable for us as you did for our mother.”

“Dear Wonderful People,
I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you did for my husband and myself. I would have been so lost without your help and guidance. We live so far from town but you more than met our needs. You came when we called and gave us everything he needed.”

“No amount of money could ever represent the appreciation and love each of my husband’s team, along with the rest of your staff, meant during his final six weeks. It’s been one and a half years since he died, but still each of you remains in our hearts and will always. Your care for all of us helped us spend those final days with my husband in our home where he wanted to be. Thank you so much.”

“Your help and support over the many months that Mom battled cancer will not be forgotten and we know her days were significantly extended by the excellent treatment and attention she received while in your expert care.”

“I wanted to let you all know how much my family appreciates the care you give my mother and me. Everyone has been so nice and supportive – I’m really at a loss for words. But, words fail me now anyway, how can I express how big you’ve made my heart?”

“We were only fortunate enough to have the amazing help of Hospice Austin for a few days, but what a critical part you all played in helping our mom experience the kind of death she’d always hoped to have – a “good death.” Your kindness and caring meant everything to us, and we can’t imagine how her home-going would have gone without your expert work.”

“Wonderful organization. They were integral in our family healing. The people we met during Families-in-Grief have become friends for life…..Thank you.”

“Words cannot express what y’all mean to me while I was on hospice all last year. Keep doing what y’all do – there are so many Stage 4 cancer folk/terminal folk depending on y’all. Thanks for rising to the occasion and coming to my house and my rescue. I’m still living thanks to God and stronger than ever.”

“How you do this work, day in and day out, is utterly beyond me. It’s the hardest job in the world, and yet everyone on your team whom we interacted with thanked US for the privilege of being part of our family’s journey to the end. Awe-inspiring. Best decision we ever made, trusting you to accompany us down this path. Thank you.”

“Hospice made my dad’s final journey pleasant, his last evening before he left was the most peaceful he had in six weeks. Thanks to all who give care at a hospice.”

“If ever I felt the presence of angels, it is here at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House. With all the pain, sorrow and physical death, being displaced from my home, I see LOVE. I see it dwell richly in the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains and priests, those that prepare our food and the COUNTLESS volunteers. Volunteers who have voices of angels, hearts of gold and a special love to help those unfortunate enough to need their help. Everyone takes care of my brother and his end-of-life needs, respectfully, lovingly and no concern is too big or small. They also take care of me and my other brother who are here to support him and each other. They support and encourage us. They give us emotional and spiritual care. Whole Foods of Austin donates fresh beautiful flowers to all the patients and common areas. Each room is like a suite where we can feel at home as we are away from our own homes. We can stay here with our brother 24/7, at no charge to us. Every life here is special. This does not feel like a place of death, but of celebration and love of life. Everyone involved here has a reason to be proud of the work they are doing and of how they serve every patient and family. Thank you, Hospice Austin’s Christopher House. “

“I can’t thank the doctors, nurses and caring staff enough for everything they did for my sister. I had never been to a hospice house, nor did I truly understand the severity of what I would be stepping into. Not only did the staff speak to our family on a level we could understand, they were silently present with hugs, when our tears fell.”

“There are angels among us; they are hospice workers and volunteers.”

“Serenity in the midst of sadness…My mother was at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House around this time last year. The staff took such good care of her…and us. They were friendly, patient, extremely helpful and professional. Fresh flowers everywhere. Mom loved flowers. Beyond the windows in my mother’s room, there was a painted mural on a brick wall. She thought that was a clever idea. There was a quaint quiet place, maybe a chapel, where I would go to pray, meditate, reflect. Yoga was offered to family members. I could go on. Bottom line, the Christopher House exceeded my expectations of what a hospice facility provides.”

“The quality of care and concern we received from Hospice Austin was more than excellent.  They took care of needs we did not even know we had.  I plan to be an avid supporter as long as I can.”

“Every caregiver and patient needs access to hospice.  Makes all the difference in the world to know you have someone to call 24/7.”

“Christopher House was the best experience under the circumstances.  They treated our Mother and family with compassion and respect.  They provided the right balance of interest and support while giving us the privacy that we needed.  It felt like home, as much as possible, and we are so grateful to have been able to receive care at Christopher House for our Mother.”

“Your organization represents the very best of human society.”

“Your care for all of us helped us spend those final days in our home, where he wanted to be.  Thank you so much.”

“You made it possible for us to be together when we needed it most.”

“Your teams made my husband as comfortable as possible and my life bearable as I watched him fade.  Everyone I met from Hospice Austin was full of love, kindness, and compassion.  I saw it clearly as a mission.”

“I wish I would have contacted Hospice Austin the moment our doctor said to, but I waited two weeks out of fear. Most amazing and compassionate group of people I’ve ever known. They are angels.”

“Every single person who assisted us was extremely caring, compassionate, and supportive. My partner felt so much more at ease once Hospice Austin became involved. Your organization and everyone who works there provided the most thoughtful service. You are all angels. You helped make this experience bearable – before, during, and after death. Now that my partner is gone, I am finding I need more support and have registered for counseling. I am so happy you are still there for me. The guidance, comfort, and support your organization provided is priceless! Thank you for being there  for us during the most horrible time of our lives.”

“I am grateful to Hospice Austin. Making the decision to use your services was difficult, but once mom arrived I knew she was in safe and loving hands. Whenever I doubted my decision, the team was there to ease my mind and reassure me that what we were thinking and feeling as a family was normal. We were empowered, validated, encouraged, cared for and loved, just as Mom was. I felt safe at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House because Mom was safe. I’ve been in health care 33 years; what I experienced over 14 days at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House far exceeded my expectations. All staff – from housekeeping to medical to administrative – have left a beautiful footprint in my heart. “Thank you” isn’t enough.  If I win the lotto, you’re getting another wing and a hotel next door!”

“My father and my family were treated with respect, caring, and kindness. You all were a huge comfort.”

“Hospice Austin saved me, took charge of my situation, and allowed my mother to pass away in peace. Thank you.”

“This was my first experience with Hospice Austin and I had no idea of the many services you provide for the patient and family. Without Hospice Austin, my husband would not have been able to spend his final days at home with his family.  I have never witnessed such compassion.”

“The result of your great support was that my wife was able to spend her last days as she wanted, sharing her love with her dogs, horses, friends and family. Thank you.”

“I never felt I was alone since I knew you were only a phone call away.”

“It was the perfect conclusion to my mother’s time on earth. She was given exactly the tools she needed and afforded the greatest dignity.”

“We could not have asked for better care by loving individuals that came to our aid at the most difficult time in our lives. My family thanks everyone at Hospice Austin that makes this system work so well.”

“…her words of encouragement gave me the strength to continue caring for my father at home as he wished.”

“The compassion and care he received both at Hospice Austin’s Christopher House and at home made this stressful time more bearable.”

“Because of Hospice Austin, we received the gift of more time with our mother, and we will always be grateful.”

“Our family found the assistance provided by Hospice Austin far more generous in both time and skill than we had expected. We are grateful for the expertise and support.”

“My burden was made lighter. Wish we had done it sooner.”

“I could not have gone through this without Hospice Austin helping me. They are wonderful. They prepared me step by step so I would know what to expect when the time care. Even after Mama’s death they have been there for me.”

“Hospice Austin’s Christopher House is a blessed place. It is full of dignity, courage and peace. I speak for my whole family when I say we’ll be forever grateful for spending my mom’s last days with you.”

“The team was simply awesome. They were kind and courteous. No one was pushy or rude. Everything we needed was provided in a quick manner despite the fact that we live in a rural part of Williamson County. Thanks so much.”

“The Hospice Austin team became part of my family. Emotionally supportive, medically knowledgeable and with a great ability to see humor and laugh with myself and my husband. They all helped me deal with a very sad time.”

“The care my father received while on your service was brief but exemplary. The services we received as a family were outstanding……Although it is never easy losing a loved one, I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful services and support you provided for my father.”

“…most of all let me thank you for helping me help my dad leave this world with respect, dignity, and most of all with loving peace. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude for each and everyone one of you.”

“I think it is a relief to know that there is support when there is a terminally ill person we are caring for at home.”

“The entire staff was understanding, very competent and compassionate of our situation. Not only were his needs handled in a professional and caring way, I was treated in the same manner.”

“My family and I are satisfied that the care we received could not have been any better.”

“My heart has grown larger. It can hold both the greatest grief and the greatest gratitude.”

“I truly did not think I could ever receive any meaningful comfort at the loss of a woman I have loved since she was fourteen years old. You’ve done it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”